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sdMacros is a Joomla! plugin that allows text, images, HTML, Javascript, etc. to be encapsulated into simple commands.  These commands may contain anything from commonly used blocks of text to very complex HTML and Javascript.  This may be for convenience, or to allow editors who are unfamiliar with HTML from accidentally damaging complex HTML when changing adjacent text.  For example, this article was created using macros (except for simple text decorations):

  • The header at the top of this article (the title and the Joomla! native icon) was defined in another article and added using the command {sdMacro header/}.  This allows often repeated blocks of text and HTML to be encapsulated in a single place and reused wherever needed.
  • This column was positioned using the command {sdMacro style "float:left;width:45%"/} which was also defined in another article.  This allows text styling to be done without knowing HTML and without fighting the various idiosyncrasies of the various Joomla! editors.
  • See the Tutorial for more details on these and other examples.

  • Include one Joomla! article within another.  Use to add commonly used text, images, etc. into articles.  See the sdInclude tutorial for more details.
  • Create simple commands to add complex HTML, Javascript, etc. into articles.  See the gCalMarkup extension for examples.
  • Temporarily remove parts of articles, or leave instructions for authors.  See the sdComment tutorial for more details.
  • Include files in articles, including php.

  • Allows editing of complex articles by inexperienced editors without the danger of accidentally damaging complex HTML, Javascript, etc.
  • Allows partitioning articles into sections that only privileged editors can change.
  • Provide commands for use by authors with no HTML experience.  Authors do not need to learn complex features of Joomla! editors, but can still markup articles with the commands you provide.



sdMacros is free!  But, feel free to donate if you like it!

If you use sdMacros, please post a rating and a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory.



Download sdMacros here: Download sdMacros