Connecting to PSU using new iPhone 2.0 Cisco VPN

This is fairly easy once you figure out what the VPN fields should be set to:
  • Settings / General / Network / VPN / Add VPN Configuration... / IPSEC
  • For PSU  at University Park
    • Description: UP connection to ITS wireless
    • Server:
    • Account: your access account
    • Password: your access account password
    • Use Certificate: grayed out - don't use
    • Group Name: pennstate
    • Secret: pennstate
  • Save
  • Turn on VPN w/slider
Update: Doesn't seem to be remembering my password...have to type it in every time.

Starting a blog

I've decided to start a blog as a place to document technical issues that I'm working on. Entries will be very sporadic as I will only be writing articles when I have an issue I feel others will be interested in, or something I want to reference in the future.