This section is intended to get you started using gCalMarkup as quickly as possible.

    1. Download gCalMarkup and sdMacros from the download area.
    2. Install both gCalMarkup and sdMacros using the instructions on the installation page.  (While sdMacros is not required for gCalMarkup, it is recommended and is required for these Quick Starts).
    3. Go to the plugin manager in the Joomla! administrator and enable both gCalMarkup and sdMacros.
    4. Important: make sure the sdMacros extension is before the gCalMarkup extension in the plugin list.  This insures that any macros used will run before any gCalMarkup commands.
    5. Choose one of the Quick Starts from the menu on the left.  Each Quick Start contains one or more blocks of gCalMarkup and sdMacros commands that can be pasted into an article.  Follow the instructions on each Quick Start page.
    6. Important: Most of the Quick Starts must be pasted into Joomla articles using the HTML mode of the editor you are using.  This is because the Quick Starts may contain HTML which will be corrupted by the pasting process if you are not in HTML mode.  Another option is to set your editor to "None" which will give you a default HTML only editor.