Single Events a simple example showing how to insert a single calendar event into a paragraph of a Joomla article.
Markup Selectors
the previous example with a little more event information added.
Multiple Events an example showing how to display multiple events in a tabular format.
Month Headers
a more complete version of the previous example that includes month headers in the calendar.
Multiple Calendars an example showing how to merge several calendars by creating a group.
Event Categories an example showing how to generate a drop-down box to select various categories of events from the calendars.
Event Tags an example showing how to include information in calendar events that can be extracted for display in the calendar.


Calendar Selection

an example showing checkbox and links used to show and hide multiple calendars.


the complete running club calendar example.


Calendar Groups

an example showing multiple calendars, or groups, in a single article.



some miscellaneous gCalMarkup features.


This tutorial shows you how to use gCalMarkup to add Google Calendar information to your Joomla! articles. It starts with a very simple example to get going. Through a series of examples we will touch on most of the features of gCalMarkup and build to more complex examples.  See the reference manual for complete information on all of gCalMarkup's features.