{gCalDefine calendar id="races" key="teel1p2f28q985gr9i9mod53sg%40group.calendar.google.com" maxDays="60" color="#0080D0"/} {gCalDefine calendar id="clubEvents" key="lp3dhso6sfsarckgcsto0uc1lc%40group.calendar.google.com" maxDays="60" color="#FF00FF"/}

{gCalDefine category id="races.series" title="Series Races" /} {gCalDefine category id="races.local" title="Local Races" /} {gCalDefine category id="races.5K" title="5K Races"/} {gCalDefine category id="races.10K" title="10K Races"/} {gCalDefine category id="races.7M" title="7M Races"/} {gCalDefine category id="races.10M" title="10M Races"/} {gCalDefine category id="races.marathon" title="Marathons"/} {gCalDefine category id="races.ultra" title="Ultras" color="red"/} {gCalDefine category id="clubEvents." title="Club Events"/} {gCalDefine category id="." title="All" color="black"/}


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{gCalEnable false/}Additional information can also be added to events using tags. This information can added to our template wherever desired. In this example we add two more rows to our template to display information contained in these tags:

  <div id="{gCalMarkup _id/}.mainTemplate.container" style="display:none;">
      <tbody id="{gCalMarkup _id/}.mainTemplate">
        <tr gcalmarkup.style.x="color:{gCalMarkup color/};
            background-color:{gCalMarkup select=#DECA95|#FEEAB5/};">
          <td style="white-space: nowrap">
            {gCalMarkup _eventMonth/}/{gCalMarkup _eventDay/}
            {gCalMarkup _eventTime/}</td>
          <td colspan="3">{gCalMarkup _eventTitle/}</td>
        <tr gcalmarkup.style.x="background-color:
                                {gCalMarkup select=#DECA95|#FEEAB5/};">
          <td>{gCalMarkup iftag=distance1 Distances:/}</td>
          <td>{gCalMarkup tag=distance1/}</td>
          <td>{gCalMarkup tag=distance2/}</td>
          <td>{gCalMarkup tag=distance3/}</td>
        <tr gcalmarkup.style.x="background-color:
                                {gcalmarkup select=#deca95|#feeab5/};">
          <td>{gCalMarkup iftag=fee Fee:/}</td>
          <td colspan="3">{gCalMarkup tag=fee/}</td>

    The 2nd and 3rd <tr> rows contains two new gCalMarkup markup tags. The first is the command {gCalMarkup tag=distance1/}. This command looks for a tag such as [distance1=5K] in the event description. If it exists the text after the "=" in the tag will replace the command in the template. The tag is removed from the event description (although it is not displayed in this example). The same is true for the markup tags for distance2, distance3, and fee.

    The second is the {gCalMarkup iftag=distance1 Distances:/} command. This command again looks for the "distance1" tag. If the tag exists the text at the end of the command ("Distances:" in this case) will replace the command. If the tag is not found the command is removed. This command is used to conditionally display text. i.e. "Distances:" will only be displayed if the [distance1=...] tag exists in the event description.