Waiting for google calendar...
gCalMarkup can display several calendars together. In this example we're going to build the running club example from the introduction to gCalMarkup page that displays these two running club calendars: race calendar, club events calendar. We'll start with the same templates we had in the previous example except this time we need to define two calendars:

  {gCalDefine calendar id="races"
    maxDays="60" color="#0080D0"/}
  {gCalDefine calendar id="clubEvents"
    maxDays="60" color="#FF00FF"/}

Note that a new parameter, "id", was added to distinguish between the two calendars.  We also set maxDays to 60 to keep the size down for this example, and added a new user parameter to each calendar, "color", so we can distinguish which calendar each event belongs to.

The main template also needs to be changed:

  <div id="{gCalMarkup _id/}.mainTemplate.container" style="display:none;">
      <tbody id="{gCalMarkup _id/}.mainTemplate">
        <tr gCalMarkup.style.x="color:{gCalMarkup color/};
            background-color:{gcalmarkup select=#deca95|#feeab5/};">
          <td style="white-space: nowrap">
            {gCalMarkup _eventMonth/}/{gCalMarkup _eventDay/}
            {gCalMarkup _eventTime/}
          <td>{gCalMarkup _eventTitle/}</td>

Notice gCalMarkup.style.x and {gCalMarkup color /} in line 4. {gCalMarkup color /} will be replaced with the "color" parameter from the {gCalDefine calendar ... /} command when each event is displayed. But, some browsers will not allow {gCalMarkup /} tags in a style attribute. To get around this browser restriction the parameter is named "gCalMarkup.style.x" instead of "style". The "gCalMarkup" and "x" will be removed when the template is invoked and the gCalMarkup parameters are replaced.

Also in line 4 is a background-color attribute with a {gCalMarkup select /} statement. The select statement has two background colors which are alternately returned for each event.

The other template changes in line 5 add the event time and a style attribute to prevent wrapping.