sdComment is used to add comments to articles, macros, etc. Comments are simple removed from the text, but are useful for documentation. For example, the command {sdComment}this is a test comment!{/sdComment} is at the beginning of this article, but isn't visible.

sdStyle is used to add CSS styling to the current article.  Any CSS commands contained in an sdStyle command will be added to the current page in a <style type="text/css">style> block in the page header.  See this gCalMarkup Quick Start for an example.

The command sdValue is used in macro definitions (sdDefine) in the same way that sdArg is used. It is replaced with any text between the sdMacro opening and closing tags when the macro is used. It is normally used when a macro argument consists of multiple lines of text instead of dealing with a long quoted string as a regular argument.

The command sdEcho is used to display text when it otherwise wouldn't be visible. For example, if the childTagsOnly flag is used, sdEcho will override it.

The sdEnable command is used to enable and disable sdMacros.  It is usually only needed for something like a tutorial on sdMacros where sdMacros commands need to be displayed, but not executed.

There are several command flags that are sometimes needed to change the behaviour of various commands. They are not commonly needed. For example, on the first page of this tutorial, the displayHTML flag was used to display the contents of the "sdMacros Tutorial - Logo" article. Without the flag the logo would have been displayed, but with the flag the contents of the article are displayed. The actual command used is {sdInclude:displayHTML "sdMacros Tutorial - Logo"/} and its output, instead of the logo, is:

<img src="/images/logos/logo-sdMacros.1-210x70-p25.png" alt="sdMacros Logo" title="sdMacros Logo" style="vertical-align: middle;" align="middle" />

On the previous page the logos macro file was displayed using both the displayHTML flag and the noProcessCommands flag.

See the command reference for a complete list of all of the command flags.