{gCalMarkup _eventTitle/} on {gCalMarkup _eventMonth/}/{gCalMarkup _eventDay/}/{gCalMarkup _eventYear/}
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Here we've made the previous example a little more useful by also displaying the date when the event occurs. The in-line HTML remains the same. All we have to change is the template. Here is the new template for this example:

  <div style="display:none">
    <span id="{gCalMarkup _id/}.mainTemplate">
      {gCalMarkup _eventTitle/} on
      {gCalMarkup _eventMonth/}/{gCalMarkup _eventDay/}/{gCalMarkup _eventYear/}

    We've added several new markup selectors, _eventMonth, _eventDay, and _eventYear, to extract the date of the event. All of the available gCalMarkup selectors are listed in the reference manual.