This is a test of this gCalMarkup Quick Start. The next event from this numerology calendar is Waiting for Google.... The event title in the previous sentence was inserted by gCalMarkup.

Quick Start: Events As In-Line Text

This Quick Start inserts the title from the next event on a Google Calendar as in-line text. In the paragraph to the right, the title of the event at the end of the 2nd sentence was extracted from the referenced Google Calendar and inserted in the paragraph.


    • Create a new article titled "[gCalMarkupQS In Line]" and insert the text from the bottom of the page.  The text must be inserted using the HTML mode of your editor.



    • Add the following line at the top of the article you wish to add the event text to:

    {sdInclude "[gCalMarkupQS In Line]" /}

    Replace "" in the text above with the Google Calendar Id of the calendar you wish the event information to come from. The id above is for the calendar used in the test above. See the tutorial for instructions for finding the Google Calendar Id.


      • Add the following text in-line where you want the event text to appear:

      {sdMacro gCalMarkupQS-In-Line/}


      [gCalMarkupQS In Line] contents:

      The following is the contents of the "[gCalMarkupQS In Line]" article.  The text must be inserted using the HTML mode of your editor.

        ======== Arguments to [gCalMarkupQS-In-Line] ========
        ==  sdArg 1 - Google Calendar key
      {sdComment} ======== Define the calendar ======== {/sdComment}
      {gCalDefine calendar key="{sdArg 1/}" maxResults="1"/}
      {sdComment} ======== Define the event template ======== {/sdComment}
      <span id="{gCalMarkup _id/}.mainTemplate" style="display: none">{gCalMarkup _eventTitle/}</span>
      {sdComment} ======== Define a macro to insert the event text ======== {/sdComment}
      {sdDefine gCalMarkupQS-In-Line}<span id="{gCalMarkup _id/}.main">Waiting for Google...</span>{/sdDefine}