gCalMarkup allows Google Calendar™ events to be placed in categories.  There are several uses for categories:

  • A pull-down menu can be created to select categories of events that should be displayed.  The pull-down menu is populated with all of the categories created for a group.
  • If there is no pull-down menu, only events that are in the created categories are displayed.  (If no categories have been created, all events will be displayed).  This can be useful to filter events and only display the desired ones.
  • Categories can have properties which can be used to change the color, font, etc. of the events in each category.
  • Any number of categories can be created for events and an event can be a member of any number of the categories.  Events are placed in categories using a category tag, e.g. [category=birthday].
  • One calendar category can be created for each calendar in a group.  This is normally used to select only events from a single calendar in a group.
  • One group category can be created for each group.  This is typically used to define an "All" category in a drop-down.

To create and use categories:

  • A category is created using the {gCalDefine addCategory .../} command.  See the addCategory section for details.
  • An event category also requires [category=name] tags in the description field of the events.  See the Event Markup section for details.
  • Category properties are extracted using the {gCalMarkup property/} command.  See the Properties section for details.


They are also used to add attributes to categories of events, for example, the color.  The categories can be all events in a group , all events in a calendar, or all events with a specified category tag in the event content.  The category id defines which type of category is being created.  Any number of additional user parameters can also be added and used in gCalMarkup templates to indicate what category events are in.  For example:
  • {gCalDefine addCategory id="10K"} defines a category of all events with a [category=10K] tag in the decription from the default calendar and group.
  • {gCalDefine addCategory id="races."} defines a category of all events in the "races" calendar in the default group
  • {gCalDefine addCategory id="b.races."} defines a category of all events in the "races" calendar in group "b"
  • {gCalDefine addCategory id="b.races.5K"} defines all events in the same calendar with a [category=5K] tag in the event description.