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gCalMarkup is a Joomla! extension that allows article authors to easily add information from Google Calendar™ events into articles. A few simple markup tags, and an HTML template, are used to describe how each calendar event should be displayed.

Extract and insert in-line information from Google Calendars™ in article text. For example, the next event from this numerology calendar is Waiting for Google.... The description and date of the event were extracted and inserted at the end of the previous sentence.

  • Display events from Google Calendars™.
  • Display events
    • In any format using templates.
    • In-line in articles (example on the left).
    • In a tabular format (example on the right).
    • From many Google calendars at once. There are four different calendars displayed on this page!
    • By category tags in events (e.g. "[category=meeting]").
  • Event display is completely configurable with custom HTML templates.
  • No programming is required.
  • Display multiple calendars, even when multiple articles are displayed with Joomla! blog layouts.
  • gCalMarkup is currently in beta.  It will be free until it leaves beta.
Waiting for google calendar...

Friday 13th Calendar

Insert information from Google Calendars™ in a tabular format. For example, the table above shows upcoming events from this Friday the 13th calendar over the next 1000 days. The events were extracted and used to create the above table.

Two examples are given to the upper left and the upper right. See the Tutorial for more details on these and other examples.

Much more complex markup is possible with gCalMarkup. There are many gCalMarkup tags to extract event information from Google Calendar™ and to select which events to display. Several Google Calendars™ can be displayed at once, extract user defined tags from the events, as well as categorize events. The following running club calendar contains events from multiple Google calendars. The drop-down menu is automatically created and selects those events from the calendar that contain the selected category tags. See the Tutorial for more details on this and other examples.

{gCalMarkup _eventMonthText/} {gCalMarkup _eventYear/}
{gCalMarkup _eventMonth/}/{gCalMarkup _eventDay/} {gCalMarkup _eventTime/} {gCalMarkup _eventTitle/}
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{gCalMarkup iftag=distance1 Distances:/} {gCalMarkup tag=distance1/} {gCalMarkup tag=distance2/} {gCalMarkup tag=distance3/}
{gCalMarkup iftag=fee Fee:/} {gCalMarkup tag=fee/}
{gCalMarkup iftag=website Website:/} {gCalMarkup tag=website/}
Waiting for google calendar...