Finally we'll add the event description and a few tweaks, like the "website" tag and some icons including some that are only displayed when certain tags are present. Because the event descriptions contain a lot of content, we'll also widen the table and move it to the end of this page:

  <div id="gCalMarkup.mainTemplate.container" style="display:none;">
      <tbody id="gCalMarkup.mainTemplate">
        <tr"color:{gCalMarkup color/};
            background-color:{gCalMarkup select=#DECA95|#FEEAB5/};">
          <td style="white-space: nowrap">
            {gCalMarkup _eventMonth/}/{gCalMarkup _eventDay/}
            {gCalMarkup _eventTime/}</td>
          <td colspan="3">{gCalMarkup _eventTitle/}</td>
        <tr"background-color:{gCalMarkup select=#DECA95|#FEEAB5/};">
            <a title="Show event on Google calendar: location map, add to
                      your calendar, etc."
               gcalmarkup.href.x="{gCalMarkup _eventURL/}">
              <img src="images/icons/google-calendar.png"/>
              <img gcalcategory=".series" title="NVRC Series Race"
                   src="images/icons/medal_gold_2.png" />
              <img gcalcategory=".local" title="Local Race"
                   src="images/icons/tick.png" />
          <td colspan="3">{gCalMarkup _eventDescription/}</td>
                                {gCalMarkup select=#DECA95|#FEEAB5/};">
          <td>{gCalMarkup iftag=distance1 Distances:/}</td>
          <td>{gCalMarkup tag=distance1/}</td>
          <td>{gCalMarkup tag=distance2/}</td>
          <td>{gCalMarkup tag=distance3/}</td>
        <tr"background-color:{gcalmarkup select=#deca95|#feeab5/};">
          <td>{gCalMarkup iftag=fee Fee:/}</td>
          <td colspan="4">{gCalMarkup tag=fee/}</td>
        <tr"background-color:{gcalmarkup select=#deca95|#feeab5/};">
          <td>{gCalMarkup iftag=website Website:/}</td>
          <td colspan="4">
            <a gcalmarkup.href.x="{gCalMarkup tag=website/}">{gCalMarkup tag=website/}</a>

Lines 3 through 5 display an icon for each event with a link to Google for that event. The {gCalMarkup _eventURL/} command is replaced with the correct URL for each event and gCalMarkup.href.x is replace with href. Lines 6 and 7, display icons only when a particular tag is present. The <img> tags in lines 7 and 10 contain the special attribute gCalCategory. This attribute contains the name of a category that must be present in the event for this HTML tag to be displayed. If the category tag isn't present, the HTML tag, as well as any children, will be removed.

Finally, lines 11 through 14 display the website if a [website=url] tag exists in the event description.

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