Public Sharing

Your Google Calendars™ must be publicly shared for gCalMarkup to use them.  To make a calendar public follow these steps (also see Google's Help page here):

Key (Calendar ID)

You must also obtain the Calendar ID from each of your calendars that you intend to use with gCalMarkup.  These IDs are used as the key parameter of the {gCalDefine calendar.../} commands.  To find the keys follow these steps (also see Google's Help page here):

Google Calendar IDs can be in several formats. A normal public calendar looks like this:

While a public calendar created from an iCal feed looks like this:

Joomla has an email cloaking feature that is enabled by default.  Google Calendar IDs contain "@" symbols and the cloaking feature interprets them as email addresses.  To avoid this the "@" symbols must be converted to "%40" or the email cloaking feature must be turned off.  The above Google Calendar IDs become:

Alternatively, the email cloaking feature can be turned off by following these steps: