gCalMarkup uses several reserved HTML element ids to locate specific HTML tags articles.  Most of them begin with "{gCalMarkup _id/}" which is a special selector used to ensure the element ids are unique.  The reserved ids are:


Type Ids & Syntax Id Description Template Visible

Main Calendar

{gCalMarkup _id/}.main[.groupId] The element that all calendar events are inserted into.  This is is the actual visible calendar and may be any HTML element that allows child elements (usually a <span> or <table> element).




{gCalMarkup _id/}.mainTemplate[.groupId] The element that is used as a template for each calendar event that is inserted into the parent element.



{gCalMarkup _id/}.mainTemplate.container[.groupId] An optional container element that contains the above template element.  A container element is required in cases where the template element is not valid HTML by itself.  For example for a tabular calendar where the template is a <tr> element it must be inside a <table> container element to be valid. Yes


{gCalMarkup _id/}.monthTemplate[.groupId] An optional element used as a template for a month header in a calendar.  If this template exists, a copy of it is inserted at the beginning of a calendar, and whenever the event month changes.



{gCalMarkup _id/}.monthTemplate.container[.groupId] An optional container element for the month template element Yes
Calendar Selection
{gCalMarkup _id/}.calendarSelect[.groupId].calendarId An optional element used to select calendars and is usually an <input> checkbox.  calendarId is the id of the calendar this checkbox selects.  The element has an onclick attribute set to call the selectionChanged() function which may load or unload the associated calendar. Yes
Category Selection
{gCalMarkup _id/}.categorySelect[.groupId] An optional element used to select event categories. 



{gCalMarkup _id/}categorySelectTemplate[.groupId] A template used to create category select menus.  This template is usually an <option> element.  If a corresponding <select> element with a category id (++add link) exists, a copy of this template is inserted into it for every category found in the current group. Yes

{gCalMarkup _id/}.categorySelectTemplate.container[.groupId] A container element for the select template element. Yes
Status {gCalMarkup _id/}.status[.groupId] An optional group status element.  If this element exists a string in the form "N of M calendars loaded" where N is the number of calendars currently loaded and M is the total number of calendars in this group.
Console sdConsoleId An optional console element.  This element is only for debugging.  If it exists status, error, and debug messages will be written to it.