When MobileMe came out, I was hopeful that it would solve all of my calendaring and contact issues...disappointingly it didn't solve anything and was worse than what I was already doing.  I had really hoped that it would be better than the current choices for on-line calendaring and would become my primary on-line calendar.  But, it doesn't even do the basics, let alone publishing, subscribing, merging of iCal data, etc.

Here's why I canceled it:

  • Can't sync subscribed calendars.  This makes calendars useless since I need to subscribe to several different calendars and I know of no way to sync them directly from the iPhone.  The only way to get them on the iPhone is to sync them with iTunes.
  • I don't need push email... I use IMAP from the iPhone which works fine. 
  • I don't need real time bookmark syncing.  No one else is going to create a bookmark for me that I need pushed to my phone right away.  I guess there's a chance I'll create a bookmark on my Mac and leave home without syncing, but that doesn't happen much.
  • Same goes for contact syncing.
  • Don't have a need for Gallery or iDisk.

So, it's back to a mix of Google, Airset, iCal, iTunes & iPhone, and BusySync:

  • Google calendars because of it's API for embedding calendars on websites, and for real-time access to my subscribed calendars from my iPhone.
  • Airset because it allows sharing of individual events on a calendar (lets me put just the events I'm interested in from a public calendar on my personal calendar), and because it can merge calendars which allows me to create a public calendar.
  • iCal so I have a local copy of my calendars on my Mac for off-line use as well as backup purposes.
  • iTunes/iPhone for quicker calendar access on my iPhone and for times when I don't have network access.
  • BusySync to sync my iCal and Google calendars, so I can add events to either calendar.  I just installed this and am playing with it, but so far I'm happy...

At least I learned about Google contact syncing in Address Book while trying out MobileMe, I'll probably keep that turned on...of course something in this process duplicated all of my contacts, so I still have to fix that... sigh!